Use of Quadcopter Drones for rescuing Injured Logger by First Responders of Virginia

The modern era of technology has provided enough room for the expansion of emergency services for the betterment of people. Use of drones is perhaps a common way of getting adequate help in rescuing people from any emergency situation. The latest incident is from Virginia, where a bunch of life-saving crew members utilized numerous drones for providing proper assistance for rescuing an injured logger near the Dan River.

As per the media, the logger was trapped on the river when a tree fell accidentally on his hand. The entire situation became worst due to the topography of the surroundings. The rescue of the logger was a challenging task, so the local life-saving crew decided to utilize their newly purchased drones to get proper idea about the entire situation. According to the local people, the crew had recently become certified pilots of drone, and they grabbed the opportunity to test their machine for the first time.

According to the media, there was a response from the logger, which was captured by the drone, and the crew members made a plan regarding the safe rescue of the logger. During the entire rescue process the crew member, i.e., the pilot of the drone guided precisely the boat operator to find the way to rescue the injured logger. It was quite challenging for the entire team to highlight the path especially when the entire path was covered with a heavy quantity of rocks and trash. The drone was proven to be fruitful in clearly watching the things that the boat operator was unable to.

These drones are surprisingly helpful and are used in different operations as well as in different departments including police, and rescue teams. One can easily search different Drones for Sale by exploring the internet.