Smart Card Applications and Uses

The smart card is much more well rounded than the average debit card or credit card. However, even with all of the memory capabilities and the security features, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of only using your smart card for purchasing. When you look at all of the smart card applications and uses, it’s easy to see there are so many ways you can streamline the process and combine all your information into one smart card.

Consider storing all of your identification on your smart card. That way, you have all of your documents with you no matter where you travel… even internationally. With permission from your employer, you can store employee ID badge information on your smart card, and it will even grant you door access through security doors for which you have authorization to enter. Citizen identification documents and electronic passports are great to have on hand, either as additional ID or for when you travel abroad. Smart cards can even hold driver’s license information and online authentication devices to help ensure you are who you say you are when you shop on the Internet.

If you’re in a car crash and paramedics need to know your medical history, a smart card can save your life. Portable medical records can be stored on smart cards, allowing your medical information to be read by physicians when and where you need it the most. Smart cards can also store citizen health ID cards and physician ID cards.

Telecommunications is made easier when you use your smart card. GSM Subscriber Identity Modules in use in cell phones allow you to easily transfer data from phone to phone as needed. If you’d rather use a pay phone, consider your smart card as a way to house pay telephone payment cards.

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