Preventing Identity Theft With Smart Cards

Shopping on the Internet is becoming more common as the decades pass. With computers in most homes, and sometimes multiple computers in each home, people spend a lot of time looking at the monitor and typing away on the mouse. Eventually, even if you have a lot of work to do, you’ll run out of things to do on your computer. Internet browsing quickly turns to shopping online. There is something you can do, however, to make it safer for you to shop on the Internet.

Smart card technology is gaining popularity in the United States, but it’s already taken off across Europe. It’s so much more than a debit card, although it works in similar ways. Smart cards can contain health records, government identification and banking information. You can use it as a driver’s license, a credit card, to check in with your doctor, and even to shop on the Internet.

Here’s the catch: you must have a smart card reader to interpret the data on someone’s smart card. If a hacker gets a hold of your online information, the information is unreadable to him. All of your personal information remains private, thanks to the security features built into a smart card.

Smart cards are thin, plastic cards that many people can carry in their wallet, just like a debit card or a credit card. An integrated circuit chip is built into the card, and that’s what contains all of your information. Some smart cards can store large amounts of information… even more information than some out of date computers can hold.

As smart card technology becomes more applicable internationally, it will make foreign shopping that much easier too. Smart cards must comply with international standards, so soon there’ll be a day when identity thieves just can’t get their hands on your personal information. Transitioning to a smart card can help make that happen.

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