Facts About Wireless Internet

No longer are you tethered to a computer chair by Internet you can only access through an Internet line. The growing popularity of laptop computers makes wireless internet in high demand. Computers that pick up wireless Internet mean you can connect to the Internet anywhere there’s a laptop signal. It’s highly convenient for people who are on the go but still need Internet access. If you’re interested in using wireless Internet, consider the following facts to help you learn about this ever changing technology.

Hot Spot Fees
Locations where you can access wireless Internet are called Hot Spots. Some of these locations can charge as much as $10 per day for you to use their Internet. However, there are several areas, like popular restaurants, coffee shops and libraries, where you can access the Internet wirelessly at no charge. For a list of available Hot Spots that let you use their wireless Internet for free, visit the “WifiFreeSpot” website.

There are more than 40,000 wireless Hot Spots available in the United States. Intel reports that New York City has more hot spots than anywhere else in the U.S. Close behind in San Francisco at number two. At the bottom of the list is the state of Wisconsin, which only hosts 80 Hot Spots throughout the entire state.

Wireless Internet Requirements
Anyone interested in taking advantage of wireless Hot Spots needs a laptop, a wireless adapter, software to help you find wireless Internet connections and a high-speed Internet plan. You can’t take your personal computer around town with you at each Hot Spot, but you can connect to wireless Internet with a PC. As long as it has a wireless adapter, you can connect to wireless Internet. This is advantageous if you want to place your computer in a location where you don’t have access to phone or cable lines, where Internet comes into your home.

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