The Best Indie Games Of E3 2017

Spread the loveTweet The independent game scene has exploded in recent years, with hundreds of amazing titles to discover and appreciate. Lots of prospective releases make their way to E3 to try and stand out in the crowd, and we’re keeping our eyes open throughout the show for our favorites. We’ll be updating this story […]

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Increase Your Productivity With a One-Year Subscription to TextExpander for Just $19.98

Spread the loveTweet How many times can you type “sorry for the delayed reply!” in emails before you lose your mind? Let’s not find out. Get a one-year subscription to TextExpander for $19.98 at Escapist Deals. Leo Laporte of MacBreak Weekly calls TextExpander “the single best productivity tool for Mac” – and he’s not exaggerating. […]

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