Avoiding Internet Scams

The Internet can help you find anything. With one click you’ll discover the cure for your ailments, how to lose weight without dieting and ways to get rich quick. Keep something in mind. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are, however, some great gems on the Internet that you don’t want to miss just because you’re skeptical. So, how do you distinguish the trash from the treasure?

First, scams almost always make the reward too good to turn down. They promise you large sums of money, exotic vacations, expensive cars, a bigger house, and you only have to work two hours a day to achieve it. And, one more thing, there’s a small fee required from you. Once you join, you find out that you have to recruit other people to the program before you can make any money. Never give money to a website that makes outlandish statements. If websites like this draw you in, quickly find your way out. Promises like this are impossible to keep.

If you lose money in an Internet scam, your local police typically can’t do anything about it. Scammers are smart, because the money they require is usually less than $100. For police officers, they have other crimes that are more important than recovering small sums of money. That’s why you should be extra careful about a company before you give them your money. If it’s a scam, you’ll likely never get it back.

To determine if a website is genuine, consider the following tips.
1. It has a clear, concise web address. Look at reputable companies and you’ll notice their website has no junk in it. If you visit a website that has odd numerals or characters in it, be leery.
2. Look for legitimate products or services for sale on the website.
3. The business has an address and phone number.

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