7 Must Haves in Your Email Signature

An email signature is a file automatically placed at the bottom of your email. It’s a great, no-hassle way to spread the word about your business to anyone who reads your emails. If you want your own email signature, there are 7 items you should include.

List your name, your title and the name of your business prominently in your email signature.

Include your email address. Even though you’re sending an email, it looks nice to have your email address in the signature. This is also beneficial if the client prints out your email, and then needs to contact you later from a different computer.

Add your website in your email signature. If your web address is listed in the signature, and it’s clickable, people will likely click on it. After all, when you’re marketing yourself and your business over the Internet, that’s the ultimate goal.

Don’t forget your phone number and your fax number, if applicable. Include your office phone number, cell phone number and a toll free number in your signature so customers have numerous options for contacting you.

Add your mission statement of purpose, especially if your business has a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). This short sentence, which is a catchy but descriptive tagline for your business, can quickly separate you from your competition.

Tell customers why they should go ahead and contact you now. If there’s a link they can click for additional information, or more information available at a certain website, include that information in your email signature.

Create links to your portfolio. If you have awards, accolades or feature articles on the Internet, include them in your signature for a boost to your reputation.

Another tip… you may have different email signatures for different clients. For example, if you work in an office during the day but run an evening side business, those two may require different email signatures.

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