7 Beginner Email Tips in Business

If you’re looking to launch your business, and you hope to rely on email to help with your marketing campaign, you need to have your act together. The Internet can be your best tool, but it can also work against you. What determines that is how you handle yourself online. Consider these email tips to build your business through email and help maintain a solid reputation.

1. Respond to emails quickly. It’s a good habit to respond to all of your emails by the end of the business day. That shows that you’re professional and you’re ready to take care of the task at hand.
2. Take grammar and spelling seriously. Technology has changed the way many people write on the computer. It makes abbreviations more common, and typos can happen to anyone. However, if you want your business to look professional you need to write professionally. Use spell check and grammar check on every email.
3. Choose an appropriate subject for each email. Many professionals will refer back to emails later if they need more information. If every email you send has the subject of, “Hey!” it could make that difficult. Choose a subject that’s short but still addresses the content of the email.
4. Address the recipient of the email somewhere in the email. Every business owner wants his or her customers know that you care. An easy way to show that is by using the name in the email.
5. Provide your contact information in each email. You can easily do this by adding a signature line that includes your name, website, phone number, fax and email.
6. Use the appropriate case for each letter. Customers don’t appreciate emails typed in all lower case or in all capital letters.
7. Include previous messages when you reply. This allows your customers to see what exactly you’re replying to, just in case they need to refresh their memory about the subject.

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